Tune In: Building an agile network infrastructure for the Asia-Pacific region’s telco cloud

Telco companies around the world, including in the Asia-Pacific region, are looking toward open source technology as they move to cloud infrastructure, software defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV). Nuage Networks has partnered with Red Hat to deliver SDN-based hybrid cloud solutions that maximize the effectiveness of data center infrastructure by improving agility, flexibility and automation. Join us for a webinar on Tuesday, February 21 at 1:00 p.m. Singapore Time (SGT) to learn more.

Virtual event delivers container strategies for telcos

With their promise of speed, security and operational efficiency, containers continue to be on the rise with telecom companies. In fact, an October 2016 report by Heavy Reading found that 99 percent of telecommunications respondents surveyed are considering containers for both virtualized network functions (VNFs) and business applications. To gain insights on container adoption and implementation for your business, join Red Hat’s Containers for the Enterprise virtual event, available free and on-demand through March 24, 2017.

Simplifying technology to energize the business.

Perhaps it is with good reason that Super Bowl 51 was held in Houston, Tex., the nerve center of oil and gas companies with several key enterprises that drive the dynamics of the energy industry at large. The manner in which the game took a different turn all the way into the third quarter is quite symbolic of the ups and downs experienced by oil and gas enterprises over time.  “Who is the winner,” you ask? Well, in the Super Bowl of oil and gas, the winner is the company who has a laser focus on the business of oil and gas while taking steps to simplify the underlying technology infrastructure. Every company might be a technology company – but technology is not the core, differentiating competency of the enterprise.  Remember the call to action not that long ago: “Houston, we have a problem! Let’s innovate IT!?” Building upon the concepts outlined by Geoffrey Moore, it behooves oil and gas companies to grow the context (IT) by leveraging innovative technology solution providers while innovating the core business of oil. In other words, it is time that this industry simplified information technology to energize the business.


Tune In: How telcos can succeed in a disruptive digital economy.

Telcos have successfully navigated a number of tech disruptions, from the breakup of the Bell companies to the Internet and competition from cable operators. Now, their facing another major shift, as we move rapidly towards the digitization of the economy, which is creating a significant disruption of the telco CXO’s operational and business practices. So what’s the game plan? Join us for an engaging dialogue with a distinguished industry panel of technology and business strategists from Red Hat, Cisco Systems, and Intel in a webinar Feb. 7, 12-12:30 p.m.


MWC 2017: Meet up with Red Hat at this year’s premier mobile industry event.

At what is deemed the world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry, Mobile World Congress 2017, Red Hat will join as many as 100,000 people in Barcelona, Spain Feb. 27 – March 2 to talk about current and future mobile technologies, next-gen services and innovation. A Red Hat team of more than 80 people will be on hand – at our booth 2G30 in Hall 2 for demos, networking and meetings as well as for presentations and panels during the conference – to highlight our commitment to advance innovation in open source and the information and communications technologies (ICT) industry.







Hi there, telco! What time is it?

“What time is it,” you ask?  Well, it is time for my first webinar with Ian Hood, Red Hat’s global chief architect for telco. What is so special about this? Well, by now we have collaborated on multiple blog posts in the telco sector including how various concepts like open source, cloud and blockchain can be applied to this fascinating industry. Psst! I will let you in on a little secret.  The way these posts have come about is through insightful discussions that Ian and I engage in and we author it live over a virtual meeting. I then take a shot at it to add a story line and Ian — my telco guru — keeps me honest. The upcoming webinar on Feb. 1 at 10 a.m. EST is going to be pretty much an insider’s look into one such discussion. You will hear first-hand how we go about having these discussions and the manner in which thoughts crystallize and take shape on a topic of choice. Question is: “Are you attending?”  Well, we certainly hope you are and you can even join in a Q&A that follows! So, let me ask the same question again — “What time is it?



Tune In: What lessons can telcos learn from DevOps and IT?

For telcos, there’s always been demand for services that are highly available, reliable and easily managed. There’s also demand for services that meet or exceed performance expectations and are highly secure. But today’s market pressures of exponential data growth, stagnating revenues and high investments, as well as the requisite shift to 5G, have upped the ante. That’s why today’s carriers have to be more agile, flexible and competitive. In our upcoming webinar Feb. 1 at 10 a.m. EST, we’ll discuss these challenges and ways that telcos can apply DevOps to meet them head on.

Containers can help energy, oil and gas companies accelerate adoption of cloud-based HPC.

More companies are adopting cloud-based high performance computing (HPC), especially in industries that require significant computational power. The energy, oil and gas markets are no exception. After all, they rely on advanced computer-aided engineering (CAE), advanced data analytics, seismic processing, and other data- and computationally-demanding applications. But implementing cloud-based HPC will require new approaches that deliver greater flexibility and ease deployments. One such solution? Containers.

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Will you be the Red Hat Certified Professional of 2017?

As you gear up for Red Hat Summit this May, don’t forget to nominate yourself or a colleague for the Red Hat Certified Professional of the Year award, which honors the most outstanding use of Red Hat-certified skills. This marks the 11th year the award will be given, and we hope to see some of our vertical partners in the running!

For Swisscom, an open source cloud means revenue, faster service delivery and innovation.

Swisscom, a leading telco and IT services provider in Switzerland, had a clear vision: simplify its internal IT infrastructure. So several years ago, the telco mapped a cloud strategy to consolidate IT functions onto one platform, then enlisted Red Hat to help it build a secure, flexible, and unified foundation using open source technology and open standards. The result? A cloud environment based on OpenStack that’s accelerating development and delivery of new services for customers, boosting revenue and advancing innovation.









The Säntis transmitter, operated by Swisscom.