Red Hat at NAB Show, where open source meets video, media, and entertainment.

The NAB Show, a massive media and technology convention, is just around the corner and Red Hat will be there—we’ve got a booth and will demonstrate network functions virtualization (NFV), edge Internet of things (IoT), content storage, and content delivery network (CDN) management solutions all based on open source. We’ll also take the stage to talk video delivery technologies. Held at the Las Vegas Convention Center April 22-27, the NAB Show is something you don’t want to miss and we hope you join us for Red Hat’s events there.

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Tune In: How open source enables telco companies to innovate while managing security and cost

To stay competitive, today’s telecommunications companies need a flexible and agile IT environment—one that provides the interoperability, security and scalability needed to deliver seamless customer services. TelecomTV’s Martyn Warwick recently interviewed Darrell Jordan-Smith, vice president of global ICT sales at Red Hat, and Ian Hood, Red Hat’s chief architect for global service providers, at the 2017 Mobile World Congress to learn more about how open source can fulfill those needs and the benefits open source offers to communication service providers (CSPs).

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Tune In: Tips for making your container implementation a success

Is your communications business ready for containers? With their efficiency, agility and automation capabilities, today’s Linux containers are ideal for mobile implementations. Martyn Warwick, with TelecomTV, interviewed Red Hat’s Lars Herrmann, general manager of our integrated solutions business unit, at the 2017 Mobile World Congress about the topic of containers and how to ensure a successful implementation.

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Tune In: Mobile World Congress panel on the real value of cellular IoT

Red Hat’s Sanjay Aiyagari, solutions architect of telecommunications & NFV, joined Mobeen Khan, IoT strategy & product management executive at AT&T, and Lawrence Latham, COO of everynet for a panel discussion on the real value of cellular Internet of Things (IoT) at the recent Mobile World Congress. The group spoke with TelecomTV’s Guy Daniels about connectivity options, IoT deployment scenarios and the future promise of 5G.

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Lessons learned from a large-scale telco OpenStack and SDN deployment.

The obvious cannot be overstated: implementing OpenStack and software defined networking (SDN) at a large telco is a complex undertaking. That’s why it’s just plain good advice to listen in on the experiences of those who’ve already forged such an implementation, and here’s your chance. At the recent OpenStack Summit in Barcelona, Red Hat shared its lessons learned from a Red Hat OpenStack deployment with an SDN provider in the telecommunications market in the Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) region.

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Mobile edge computing in support of IoT

In 2015, there were more than 60 million cellular machine-to-machine (M2M) connections in North America alone, and by 2020, that number will reach 175 million, according to a new study from the GSMA. Forecasts vary on the global internet of things (IoT) market, but several put it at more than a trillion dollars in the next few years. Scalar Market Research estimates that the IoT market will be worth $1.47 trillion this year, and reach nearly $3 trillion by 2022. The global telcos sit in the middle of this – they interconnect all of these devices (along with everything else we use in modern communications today) by hosting “edge” locations in every city and town worldwide. Because of this, telcos are perfectly positioned to support the IoT market by bringing intelligence to the edge in the form of mobile edge computing (MEC).

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How open source and Red Hat help Swisscom give everyone in Switzerland a ‘piece of the cloud.’

What do telcos think of open source, OpenStack and Red Hat? If you ask Swisscom, all three are helping to deliver modern, highly-scalable cloud platforms. In fact, Swisscom says since deploying Red Hat OpenStack Platform and Red Hat Virtualization as the basis of its new cloud infrastructure, the company is able to develop and deliver new digital products faster and more efficiently.

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Lessons Learned: Deploying NFV infrastructure at Verizon

Teams from Verizon, Big Switch and Red Hat recently collaborated on a nine-month, large-scale network functions virtualization (NFV) infrastructure deployment at Verizon with much success. At this year’s OpenStack Summit, the teams shared their lessons learned, covering everything from building in required capabilities, partner integration, and scale testing to ensure continued serviceability and performance of the multi-hundred node implementation, to the organization mindset necessary to take on an innovative shift like this.

Source: OpenStack Summit

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OpenStack Summit Austin: A Red Hat Week in Review

It’s always great to hear from companies that have adopted OpenStack and are already reaping rewards. Last week, at the OpenStack Summit, we got to hear terrific stories from several companies, including Verizon, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), and more. Red Hat punctuated those stories with some of its own innovation, including the Red Hat Open Innovation Labs and the addition of a VNF (Virtualized Network Function) certification level for our partners.

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Rappin’ in Raleigh: Red Hat staffers blend work and fun

Red Hat employees work hard for customers across all industries but they also know how to have fun. Engineer Bryan Totty works in Red Hat’s global support services, and is also known as rapper “Totty.” He wrote and produced a song about working at our Raleigh headquarters, and we made a video starring many members of our Raleigh team. Who says work can’t be fun? We hope you enjoy watching this as much as we enjoyed making it.

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