Red Hat Takes the stage at this week at AnsibleFest.

AnsibleFest kicks off this week in San Francisco, and the day-long conference will bring together hundreds of Ansible users, developers and industry partners. We at Red Hat will be there in force, taking the opportunity to talk about how Ansible – a simple, agentless IT automation technology – can help organizations navigate their increasingly complex environments of sprawling systems that create management, availability, and cost challenges.

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Red Hat takes the stage at the OPNFV Summit in China.

In mid-June, we’ll be joining thousands in China for The Linux Foundation’s OPNFV Summit to talk all things Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), in particular to accelerate the evolution of open source NFV and an integrated, open reference platform built by industry leaders and innovators. We at Red Hat believe that using this open reference platform will accelerate the NFV evolution. We hope you can join us at the JW Marriott in Beijing, China June 12-15.

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Containers can help energy, oil and gas companies accelerate adoption of cloud-based HPC.

More companies are adopting cloud-based high performance computing (HPC), especially in industries that require significant computational power. The energy, oil and gas markets are no exception. After all, they rely on advanced computer-aided engineering (CAE), advanced data analytics, seismic processing, and other data- and computationally-demanding applications. But implementing cloud-based HPC will require new approaches that deliver greater flexibility and ease deployments. One such solution? Containers.

oil pump

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How open source and Red Hat help Swisscom give everyone in Switzerland a ‘piece of the cloud.’

What do telcos think of open source, OpenStack and Red Hat? If you ask Swisscom, all three are helping to deliver modern, highly-scalable cloud platforms. In fact, Swisscom says since deploying Red Hat OpenStack Platform and Red Hat Virtualization as the basis of its new cloud infrastructure, the company is able to develop and deliver new digital products faster and more efficiently.

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Code Healthy with OpenShift hackathon competition

Red Hat just rolled out our OpenShift Online (Next Generation) service — our container cloud offering. This cloud-based service is designed especially for developing Docker and Kubernetes-based container applications, and is a great tool for today’s booming healthcare technology industry.

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Read It: Utilizing a cloud-based open source solution can mean big savings for healthcare providers

Digital healthcare is driving improvements in patient care. But when you deliver digital healthcare on an open-source and cloud-enabled foundation, there’s opportunity for even more improvements, with innovation and cost efficiencies in the mix.

My colleague Gregory Mezo recently wrote an IT infrastructure feature in the June/July publication of “Canadian Healthcare Technology,” about this, noting that “every major cloud service today is underpinned by open source projects.”

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Join Red Hat to create a truly open source automation solution.

It’s always exciting to take concepts and ideas and turn them into working solutions. That’s what Red Hat is doing now–with an NFV demo at this year’s OPNFV Summit in Germany. Our demo, based on ManageIQ and taking place at the Red Hat booth – B09, is a blueprint for building an open source carrier-class Cloud Management Platform (CMP), including NFV Orchestrator (NFVO) capabilities, that supports orchestration/automation of modern cloud-native applications as well as network services that require specific telco features. We are inviting solution providers and telcos to join us for this important industry initiative, which Red Hat VP and chief technologist Chris Wright is highlighting during his keynote at the summit.

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Lessons Learned: Deploying NFV infrastructure at Verizon

Teams from Verizon, Big Switch and Red Hat recently collaborated on a nine-month, large-scale network functions virtualization (NFV) infrastructure deployment at Verizon with much success. At this year’s OpenStack Summit, the teams shared their lessons learned, covering everything from building in required capabilities, partner integration, and scale testing to ensure continued serviceability and performance of the multi-hundred node implementation, to the organization mindset necessary to take on an innovative shift like this.

Source: OpenStack Summit

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Software-defined networking tops leading technologies list for 2016.

It looks like software-defined networking (SDN) is a top technology investment this year. At least that’s what a recent Computer Economics study found. In fact, SDN ranked #1, according to the the study, which polled IT organizations on their experiences with 12 leading technologies and ranked them based on their overall risk-reward profile.


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Honoring our partners, like Nuage Networks, that bring innovation to customers.

We at Red Hat have deep and invaluable relationships with our partners. As Mark Enzweiler, Red Hat’s senior VP of global channel sales and alliances, said in a press release announcing the 2015 Red Hat North America Partner Awards, our partners help us deliver the innovative solutions our customers need. This year there are 18 honorees, all of them deserving of recognition and praise. The Red Hat telco/ICT team is thrilled that Nuage Networks was chosen as Industry Solution Partner of the Year.

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