2018 Red Hat Innovation Award Nominations Now Open

One of the most exciting things we do each year at Red Hat is to recognize the transformative projects and outstanding results achieved by our customers from around the world, through the Red Hat Innovation Awards. Past winners have come from a variety of industries including financial services, healthcare, telecommunications and government, along with companies in the IT and consulting space. Do you have an innovation success story to share, or is there an organization you’d like to nominate?

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Singapore ISP MyRepublic modernizes IT architecture with open source cloud.

When MyRepublic decided to overhaul its legacy IT architecture, it went all out for open source. The internet service provider (ISP), based in Singapore, chose Red Hat OpenStack Platform for its Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), along with several other Red Hat solutions.  Now, the ISP’s IT architecture is more flexible and scalable. Thanks to the simpler, automated deployment, it also can deliver new services more quickly and generate more business. And it reduced hardware costs by 30% and cut year-on-year TCO by double-digit percentages. You can read more about MyRepublic’s use of Red Hat solutions in its new cloud-based platform in this case study, and hear about the implementation in this video.

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Telcos + OpenStack = Innovation

Why do telcos and OpenStack go so well together? What opportunities can telcos realize through an OpenStack implementation? And how does NFV, cloud and 5G fit into the telco business model? Red Hat’s vice president of telecommunications, Darrell Jordan-Smith, joined Stu Miniman, senior analyst at Wikibon and John Troyer, ‎chief reckoner at TechReckoning, in “The Cube” at OpenStack Summit this past May to talk telco and OpenStack.

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Exploring the hidden costs of using alternative unsupported community software

“When we speak of free software, we are referring to freedom, not price.”*

We all know about the benefits of open source software. Many in the development community within the financial services industry believe that the contributions of a community of developers providing extensive peer review help deliver a more secure, reliable and stable product. The ability to more rapidly deploy new versions provides fertile ground for innovation and collaboration. It is not surprising that open source has gained in popularity among the world’s leading financial institutions and that the developer community sees that the benefits can go beyond the Linux operating system. Virtually every component in the applications software stack may now be sourced from open source software. So, what is the value of an enterprise subscription to open source solutions?  

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Join Us: OpenShift on OpenStack together in cloud application harmony

As businesses modernize and transform to keep pace, developers are looking for tools to improve agility and productivity throughout the application development life cycle. To remain competitive and flexible, today’s solutions need to allow for secure cloud integration and the opportunities that containers can provide. Join us for an August 2nd webinar to learn how using OpenShift on OpenStack for your cloud application platform can expand your developer toolkit.

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Tune In: Securing the contents of your containers

More often, companies are looking closely at, and adopting, containers in their IT operations. After all, containers have broad appeal. But they also change how companies develop, deploy and manage applications, and security is particularly important. Join this webinar, now available on demand, to learn all about best practices for container security, and to get a closer look at the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.

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Telco demos at Red Hat Summit 2017 showcase modern IT infrastructure solutions.

There will be so much to do at this year’s Red Hat Summit in Boston. So, we wanted to draw your attention to three telco demonstrations—all of which showcase solutions designed to give communications service providers the automation, management and performance they need as they transform their IT infrastructures with software-defined, open-source data centers and networks.

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Join us: Best practices for deploying NFV

Network functions virtualization (NFV) has revolutionized the way communications providers operate and deliver services. With a virtualized network infrastructure, service providers are able to move beyond traditional, proprietary hardware and achieve greater efficiency and agility, and reduce operational costs. However, the need to accommodate a wide range of potentially conflicting performance and reliability requirements on the same platform can be complex. Join us at the 2017 Red Hat Summit, May 2-4 in Boston, for a presentation on best practices for successfully deploying NFV.

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Red Hat at NAB Show, where open source meets video, media, and entertainment.

The NAB Show, a massive media and technology convention, is just around the corner and Red Hat will be there—we’ve got a booth and will demonstrate network functions virtualization (NFV), edge Internet of things (IoT), content storage, and content delivery network (CDN) management solutions all based on open source. We’ll also take the stage to talk video delivery technologies. Held at the Las Vegas Convention Center April 22-27, the NAB Show is something you don’t want to miss and we hope you join us for Red Hat’s events there.

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Red Hat partners talk telco transformations during keynotes at Red Hat Summit 2017.

Telecommunications companies have reached a crossroad: fundamentally change their IT infrastructures or stay the course with legacy systems struggling to keep up with next-gen applications like the Internet of things (IoT) and big data, customers’ insatiable demand for mobility and bandwidth, and competitive threats from the new breed of communications service providers (CSPs) moving in. Telcos know this, and most are already digitally transforming their data centers and end-to-end networks. Join us at Red Hat Summit 2017 May 2-4 in Boston for four can’t-miss keynotes that spotlight the technologies, strategies and best practices at the center of these digital transformations.

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